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How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast is an issue that troubles the majority of people today. As significant physical activity and exercise are to your body, equally crucial is to know what food is good for your body to stay away from excess fat. The most salient aspect to keep your body from accumulating that excess fat is to find answers to two key questions

Which foods kill belly fat? When does one eat it?

One could be sweating in the gymnasium the whole day and for the matter whole night, but if one does not have the right answers to these two questions then what’s happening is a sheer waste of time and efforts. Did you know for a fact that today as you read this article a vast majority of the human race is suffering from the most dangerous disease – excess abdominal fat. While the most majority of people consider it visually ugly and embarrassing in front of other people a very few actually know and consider it to be the most dangerous risk to their health. Abdominal fat is classified into subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The former placed just below the skin and above the abs muscles while the latter is beneath the abs muscles. While most people may tend to know that excess of both these type can lead to the obvious dangers like cardiac arrest and diabetics, they tend to neglect the other dangers like high blood pressure, various forms of cancer and other degenerating diseases.

These days one can find a plethora of solutions and remedies on the internet that promise to kill belly fat, which is instant, pain-free and above all magical. Most of all are just too good to be true and are another rip off one’s time and money. Hence in reality what works is a proper nutrition regime with quality training and above all to be consistent with it, is the key to a flat tummy. Three most common lies we hear when we speak about getting 6 pack abs or having a muscular midsection

1. Crunches are the only way out to kill belly fat.

The purpose of crunches is to tone the abdominal muscles. Crunches in no sense will aid to kill the stubborn fat around the belly. Instead, bear in mind that excessive of crunches can only damage your back.

2. Fat burners

Stay clear of them. They are the biggest lies and are a dead-end which should not be considered in your fat reduction process. Dump the pills and try some natural thermogenic nutrients that can assist one’s body in fat burning. Green tea is the most common of them which is a natural fat burner. It helps boost metabolism apart from a myriad range of other health benefits. Green Tea along with fresh orange can form a good antioxidant for the body.

3. It’s not in your genes to get flat abs.

Every human being by birth has the abdominal muscles. These muscles, known as the six packs are not visible because of the layer of fat covering it caused because of an imbalance of energy intake as compared to energy expenditure. There is no proven study till date which shows the relation of one gene to the development of 6 pack abs.

So the essence is to stay away from these lies and focus on a consistent exercise and balance nutrition regime. The issue, however, underlies in figuring out how to eat properly and to maintain the regime permanently. The next section will aid one through this problem.

Three most fundamental rules to follow in each and every meal

1. Eat healthy fat to burn body fat

Dieticians and nutritionist have always sidelined FATS as the evil guy in the healthy man’s diet; however, the fact remains that fats are the most energy dense macronutrient in the healthy man’s diet. What this means is that one consumes more energy when the body burns one gram of fat as compared to other macronutrients; carbohydrates and proteins. What must one do to burn this fat? Here’s the answer, by eating healthy fats reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol whose function is to make the body hold on to fats. Thus, lower cortisol means the high burning of fats to produce energy. A healthy fat reduces cravings and also regulates your insulin levels. Stay away from the saturated fats such as those found in animal fats, coconut oil, and cheese. The good fats are the polyunsaturated fats found in fish oil, nuts etc and mono-saturated ones found in olive oil, eggs etc.

2. Cut the Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide the source of energy for the body. Energy generation process uses carbohydrates as fuel and is always burnt first. After consumption, the carbohydrate becomes glycogen and the glycemic index affects the rating of the carbohydrates on blood sugar level. What this means is food such as white bread, white rice, soft drink with high glycemic value increases the blood sugar level and adversely slows down metabolism and cause fat storage. On the other hand, foods with a low glycemic index as found in oats, brown rice, and brown beans release blood sugar steadily and prevent the muscle from the catabolic effect.

The rule says “Cut the Carbohydrates” and specifically the high glycemic ones, but it does not say to eliminate it from your diet. A mix and match approach should be adopted here, for example, one should be eating high glycemic carbohydrates when the body fully depletes from glycogen usually after 8 hours fast in the night or after workouts. The rest of the meals should have the slow ones included in the meals

3. Increase the Proteins.

The bottom line is Proteins pack on the muscles. What this means is that proteins form the building block of muscle which breaks down into amino acids that pack size to the muscle cells. Proteins help burn fat and aids lean muscle tissue. Maintaining lean muscle boosts metabolism which in turn burn fats by consuming energy. Good source of proteins is chicken breast, egg whites, fish and milk products which are the best source of whey and casein proteins.

Achieving a fabulous abdominal midsection is a maze and proper exercise and right nutrition is the pieces that complete the maze. So the bottom line is, don’t waste one more valuable day of your life allowing your abdominal fat to be a source of a major disease. Before even the disease can take your toll your self-confidence has already taken the beating.

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