Advantages Of Custom Made Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are incredibly functional, decorative and cost-effective. It is found in many homes and its demand is soaring. What are wooden shutters? The typical design consists of a frame with vertical stiles and is movable using horizontal rails which are located on the top, bottom or in the middle. The louvers are fixed within this outer frame and they are available in various types. Louvers can be of the fixed or movable type. The advantage of a movable style louver is that you can regulate the level of sunlight streaming into the room or increase privacy. This is not possible in a fixed louver. Though louvers are created with many types of materials like wood, fabric, plastic etc., wooden louvers are preferred. They have a long life span and can be colored or stained to suit ones needs. Wooden shutters are beneficial in dressing up sliding glass doors and windows. They can also be used on the exterior of the building. A wooden shutter used either externally or internally, is a wonderful addition to your home. In some areas, for external use, you will need to comply with the local building code and therefore it would be important to check before placing the order.

Though the sizes of windows and doors may be standardized to some extent, its location, clearances etc will make a difference to the kind of wooden shutter to be used. In this scenario, a made to measure wooden shutter is useful. You can get it designed and fabricated according to your requirements. Often as a cost saving measure, manufacturers will have standard designs, sizes and types of wooden shutters and these may be ordered off the shelf or be manufactured and delivered in a few days at most. If you require a made to measure wooden shutter, then be ready for a greater delivery time.

Take all the measurements necessary for the wooden shutter precisely. There may be a protruding door handle etc which may require extra clearance between the wooden shutter and the door or window. You must have sufficient clearance for the frame and guide rails. The wall with which the rails are to be fixed must have proper strength. Since most types of wooden shutters open by getting folded onto each other, you must have adequate clearance between the open shutters and the door or window. In case this is not possible, since it is being made as per your requirements, you get them to design sliding type wooden shutters. All the wooden shutter suppliers will guide you as to what measurements have to be taken for them to take the order. At times they may send their representative to take the measurements and let you know an estimate of the cost. Although it is a made to measure wooden shutter, you will have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. The advantage of a made to measure wooden shutter is that it is exactly what you require for your home and it can be exclusive and functional, but to your taste. This may not always be practical in the standard wooden shutters available. Therefore ordering a custom made wooden shutter is more sensible even though you may have to pay a little more.

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