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Shocking Fatty Super-Foods.

What are the shocking Fatty Super-foods?

Good Fats are absolutely important in one diet to keep a balance of hormones and maintain blood sugar levels. Below are some examples of such fats that need to be part of one’s diet.


Super Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate is very rich in healthful antioxidants, including a powerful compound called theobromine which has been shown to help lower blood pressure and has other health benefits.  The fat content in a good dark chocolate should come solely from the natural healthy fats occurring in cocoa butter and not from any other added fats.  Any chocolates with added fats or other additives will generally not be as healthy.

Coconut Milk,Coconut Oil, and Coconut Flour:

Coconut Milk and oil incorporate one saturated fat called medium chain triglycerides. Also termed as MCT , it is the most essential for our immune system and

Coconut Milk and oil incorporate one saturated fat called medium chain triglycerides. Also termed as MCT , it is the most essential for our immune system and the human body uses it as a source of energy thus less likely to be stored as fat. Coconut flour, on the other hand, is most high in fibrous carbs than in starch as compared to other flours and not to miss out on the high content of protein in it.

Grass-Fed Butter:

Grass-fed butter is abundant in a healthy fat called CLA with anti-cancer properties, MCTs , Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. There are numerous studies that point to the fact that these properties in grass-fed butter aids burning of abdominal fats, build lean muscle, balance hormones, control appetite and blood sugar levels.

Whole Eggs, Including Yolk:

Everybody knows the two parts of the eggs, egg whites, and egg yolk. But seldom do people know that the egg white contain the highest source of quality protein and the Egg yolk is abundant with numerous minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, and antioxidant called lutein. So don’t even think of omitting this in your diet, just make sure to choose the organic ones rather than normal ones.


Usually termed as a fruit that makes you fat, but in reality, they are packed with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that maintain proper level of hormones to aid fat loss and build muscles. Most important benefit is it helps control one’s appetite because of it extreme satiating nature.

The 2 Week Diet


Whenever we hear of almonds, walnuts, pecans etc, one thing that comes to our mind is this makes you fat. Well, I must say we are wrong, as numerous studies point out that these nuts are not only good source of fiber and protein but also have very high levels of micronutrients and antioxidants which in turn aid your fat burning hormones to get working. So keep the nuts coming, but be sure to consume them in their raw form rather than roasted and salted ones on the grocery store rack. Also keep away from the ready-made peanut butter which is processed, instead make a delicious one at home. I personally have one spoon of my homemade peanut butter before bed.

*Article Source: Ebook,Truth About Abs by Mike Geary

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