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Sugar – A Sweet Poison.


In an earlier post we discussed how Turmeric can be used to prevent and cure a vast majority of disease; today we talk about this one thing that is the cause for the majority of diseases. That’s right , it’s the Sugar. We assume at this point that majority of us already know that excess sugar consumption leads to disease like type II diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions and obesity. However, what if one was told that sugar leads to a worse addiction, larger than cocaine. Well, don’t be surprised, check this video from the 60 minutes episode below that reveals this shocking truth based on studies from most of the respective institutes in America and across the whole world.

Shocking isn’t it, yes indeed it is. As mentioned in the video, no more than 100 to 150 calories per day should be consumed from added sugars, however in practice, these 150 calories are consumed by one can of soda or soft drink alone. Imagine one can per day, resulting in how much fat getting accumulated in the body by the sugar intake from these soft drinks. Dr. Robert H Lustig (2009) says “the fat goes down, the sugar goes up and we are all getting sick”. Fat is always advocated as bad to our bodies and the food industry has conveniently substituted fat with sugar. We as consumers believe this and stuff our bodies with this toxic food, day in and day out. Check out Robert H Lustig’s presentation The Bitter Truth where he debunks the myths about Sugar and High Corn Fructose(HFCS).

Also, do check out this article called Shocking Fatty Super Foods”.

So Bottom line, Is Sugar good or bad? Indeed it is bad, and we are not going to get to the reasons why it is bad because we all know it is bad. Period. Now we will look into the ways and means of avoiding it on a daily basis, and in retrospect, this is the most difficult thing to accomplish in today’s environment. Sugar has cropped its way into almost everything we consume from muffins to pasta, from soft drinks to fruit juices we drink almost every day. So below are a few ways to avoid it from the daily diet.

1. Stay away from the soft drinks.

160x600-eEver wondered why we drink them even if one’s stomach is full. Is it the taste? Think about it, and here’s the breakdown. 100gms of soft drink contains 8 mg of caffeine and 4 mg of Sodium (salt). So when caffeine, which is a diuretic, taken together with sodium, human body tends to lose water and in turn makes one thirstier. Now you understand why one craves for that soft drink. That is not all, to make things worse, 100grms of soft drink also contain 9gms of sugar, why? So that our tongues does not feel the taste of salt. Hope the equation is clear now, so stay away from soft drinks, instead take plain water, which has no side effect rather only benefits.

2. Take Tea & coffee without it.

This one is hard for most of us. Eliminate the spoon full of sugar from the daily cup of tea or coffee. How many intakes of sugar gets reduced on an accumulated basis? Let’s do the maths; One teaspoon of table sugar contains approximately 4.2 grams of carbohydrates which get converted to sugar. So that is a whopping 126 grams of sugar per month. Now how many of us stop with one spoon or for that matter stop with one cup of tea per day. So do the remaining maths, one can drastically cut the fat accumulation by only cutting the daily intake of sugar from tea or coffee.

3. Avoid Store made Salad dressings.

Almost everybody is hit by the fitness buzz nowadays and are moving towards eating salads to substitute other fat accumulating foods. Fair enough and we must encourage that, but the salad dressing. Certainly not. They are packed with High Fructose Corn Syrup. It is almost impossible to get a store made salad dressing without HFCS in it. So stay away from them and instead use homemade ones.

These are some of the easy and doable tricks that can make some substantial changes in one’s body fat mass. Not to forget the most obvious one of staying away from any store made sweet dishes, e.g. donuts, muffins, pastries, jelly  and the list goes on. Now are all sugars bad? Obviously not, just remember the rule, sugar in its natural form, like the ones got directly from the sugar cane or fruits are not harmful when taken in moderation. However the ones that are processed and available in its refined form are harmful and one should just stay away from them. They indeed are a sweet poison and with the amount we consume nowadays surely leads to chronic diseases.

Please share this article with your friends and family to help them avoid the dangers of added sugar in our daily diet.

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